Replacing passing lamps and directionals

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Casey, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Casey

    Casey New Member

    I have a 2002 Road King that was wrecked when i bought it and I am fixing it up. I am replacing the passing lamps and directionals that were aleady taken off before i got it, but i have not diagrams for where each wire goes. Is there any thing out there to help me visualize what and where to hook up the wires?
  2. Caper

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    I think the first things to get are the Factory Service Manual, Parts Catalog and if it's EFI the Electrical Diagnostic Manual for your model....they'll cost a few bux but save you a lot in the long run.....worth every penny.
    depending on how bad it was "wrecked" make sure the frame is straight, check or replace the steering head bearings, and check the crank runout, I've seen the cranks get thrown outta whack from being hit.
    You can go to the Harley website and get the part numbers for the Manuals.
    Good Luck.