Replacing Fork Springs

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Fossil, Jan 26, 2009.

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    The fork springs on my 1988 FLHS are sagging a bit after 100k miles and need to be replaced. I have never opened up these forks and wonder if I can just take the top fork tube bolts off and pull the fork spring out. I am not out to rebuild the whole thing. I am also having to repair or replace the anti-dive solenoid. Any tips on that? Fossil
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    Probably could, but why? Not hard to redo the fork tubes, and then your front end is good to go for maybe another 100K(?). Page through this part of the self help pages:

    Chassis, Suspension and Front End - Harley Davidson Community

    and here is a schematic and parts list:

    1988 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Parts for FLHS, OEM and Aftermarket at

    When you get the tubes out, roll them on a very flat surface to make sure they are NOT bent!!

    I don't know about the anti-dive solenoid. Sorry, but hopefully Glider will chime in on that.

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    The anti dive system is a very basic system of a few wires, solenoid and the manifold that spans the two fork tubes. It is a solenoid that is closed to trap the air in the individual fork tubes rather than the whole system when the brake is applied and power is tapped for the system from the wiring to the brake light. Test the system out near the solenoid itself to see if it is working. They do help with front end dive when breaking on the older baggers.
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    Thanks TQ and Glider. I really do need to do the whole job and not short cut any thing. Some of my meds were changed about three weeks ago and I have been having problems adjusting to it. You guys have reminded me that the job need to be done fully for the riding future. That is why I like this forum. Fossil