Renting a Harley while on vacation

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  1. SportyHawg

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    Heading out to Laughlin NV for a long weekend. Thinking about renting a bike while I am out there. Any tips about renting? Anything to watch out for? Thanks in advance.
  2. whatyardwork

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    Rented a few times on vacation.DOT helmet was a sticky point once.Not sure about NV laws but you may want to pack your own helmets.You may also want contact your insurance carrier.They may cover you and then you can avoid the sometimes lofty rental insurance.
  3. nosaj

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    I rented from Eaglerider in Vegas last fall. WHATYARDWORK is right. Confirm your insurance and pack your own helmet. I did and it was a good experience overall.

    A buddy of mine had a problem with ignition switch on his rented bike. We had a <EDIT> of a time getting it turned on several times. This is a real downer when you're 500 miles from the rental shop with a full day of riding ahead of you.

    Take the pre-ride inspection seriously. You don't want to have any mechanical or safety issues. Then ride safe and enjoy.

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    I've rented many times. I always take the optional insurance - my insurance company only insures a rental if your primary bike is in the shop for maintenance.

    Never had a problem with DOT approved helmets but it's definitely worth calling ahead and checking on styles and sizes.
  5. Slowrider

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    I've had good luck renting from HD dealers, what I was told by one dealer was that most of the dealers that rent are on a MoCo plan that allows them to rent new bikes during a specified period of time during the year and then they are put on the floor for sale. Other dealers may own their rental fleet and have older or bikes with more miles on them. I would ask the average year and mileage on their rental fleet. Be sure to reserve the type of bike you want in advance and secure with a credit card to not be disappointed when you get there.

    I always opt for the extra insurance just incase Murphy's Law is applied improperly. :D When I have rented they have always put a hold on my credit card for the deductable on the insurance policy ( I think in the $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 range) until the you return the rental.

    The wife and I bring our gear so I am not sure about what is offered.

    Enjoy your vacation and ride safe.
  6. sanec1

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    A friend of mine and his wife rented some Harleys in Vegas last year. He said they were surprised at how quickly it cooled down in the desert after sunset.
  7. glenreeder

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    I rented a 2010 Ultra from Las Vegas HD over New Years. Every thing went smooth. LVHD had a large selection of bikes. If you don't have proof of insurance (in writing) showing you have sufficient coverage you will have to purchase their insurance. They will supply you with a helmet if you don't have yours with you. There is also a Harley shop in Henderson, and I think they rent bikes also.
  8. Scrounger

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    I've rented with a group several times in LV at Eagle Rider. Always in good condition with low miles. Make sure you go over the bike with a fine tooth comb since you dont want to get dinged for something that you did not do.

    The extra insurance is cheap for what it gives you and check with your insurance carrier to make sure they will cover you on a rental. Most will cover a car rental, but not all will cover a bike rental.

    I would ABSOLUTELY bring your own helmet, you have to bring your own gear to ride in so a helmet is a no brainer and you want have a lid that tons of other people sweated in.

    Being in the sands or the mountains out their can be real rough as in cold as a refrigerator. Dress warn and or bring some electrics with you.
  9. silentflyer

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    I have rented several times, no problems, and I would echo what input others have already said. Generally the dealer run program is a few bucks cheaper than the HOG fly/rent deal, never had a problem with any of the rental bikes. Ask about rainsuits, what saddlebags the bike has, etc. and enjoy the trip.
  10. Porter

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    I have rented in San Diego and I am getting ready to rent in Phoenix. Ditto on checking your insurance and what is covered.

    One thing to think about is how you pack/transport your gear for riding. What I mean is if your airline loses you luggage, can you still ride safely and comfortably? I ride with a full face helmet that take up space to pack. Add my leathers and it is too big for a carry-on item. It was cheaper for me to UPS/FedEx my gear to the hotel I was staying at a few days before the trip. I knew it was there before I got on the plane.