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    I'm going to Oahu in Oct and want to rent a Harley, anyone have any advice, where to go, best deals, multiple day discounts, etc. I've been to Kauai several times and check one place and it was terribly $$$$. My son-in-law is stationed at Hickam and he has a Dyna so we need to put some miles on together. He just got his before he moved there and we've never got to ride together yet.
    Thanks everyone.
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    The last time I rented one there was through HD's fly and ride. It was the best deal I had it 2 full days for $150. Not sure what the new rates are but it was the best at the time.:57:
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    You can check out the HOG Fly and Ride at the HOG website. $100 a day plus any taxes. Reservations are made through the Harley Owners Group® office in Milwaukee at least three weeks in advance of the pick-up date. You have to pay half up front. I didn't read further about the cancellation policy.

    I travel on business to Oahu regularly but never know if I'll have the time to rent a bike. Twice I've had an extra day and have rented a Harley.

    The first time, August 07, was from a rental shop on Waikiki. It was a new 07 RK, I didn't have any problems but I could tell the bike wasn't very well maintained. It cost about $200.00 for the day. I just got there early and picked out my bike.

    The second time, March 08, I went to Cycle City HD, Honolulu and rented a fairly new Ultra Classic. It too was around $200 a day for HOG Members. Again, I had no prior reservations, checked on it one afternoon and got there early the next morning and picked it up. The bike was very well maintained. I will go to Cycle City again, when I have the time. I was there just last month but didn't get to ride. Sigh, maybe the next trip.

    Keep in mind, you can ride around the whole island in a few hours, of course with sight seeing it will take longer. Traffic near Waikiki is terrible but there are a lot of cars everywhere, so be careful. To me, one day on a bike on Ohau Hawaii is enough for one trip, you can barely get to 40 MPH most places around the island. JMHO.

    If you want a real thrill go to SkyDive Hawaii on the North Shore and do a tandem jump. AWESOME! And get the video!