Removing scratches from windshield

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    Anyone have experience at removing scratches from a RK windshield? Somehow I got a good scratch on my windshield, and I'm not talking swirl marks. I don't want to make it worse or have a "cloudy effect".
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    Harley makes a "polish" of some kind, don't remember the name but it will only work on minor stuff, sounds like yours is deeper. wait to see who else answers, might be some help.

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    Depends on how deep the scratches are...if minor, I use a windshield clean/polish liquid in a black bottle by Yamaha --sorry guys, but the stuff has been in use since 1981 and it works great removing swirl and minor scratches fine.

    Clean the windshield with clear filtered drinking water first to get all the dirt and debris off. Use a clean white cotton tee, use a few squirts, and using circular polishing motions do problem areas first. Let dry to a white haze, and use a another clean white T to wipe and polish, rotating frequently.

    Check it out and if the main scratches/swirls are clean, do it again one more time but this time do the entire windshield.
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    If you drag your finger nail across the scratch, will your nail catch on it? I'm just trying to get an idea of how deep it is. I've done many successful repairs to aircraft windscreens, so I might be able to help.

    BTW, is the windshield clear or tinted?
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    To remove a scratch you have to reduce the surface area around the scratch till it is the same level as the bottom of the scratch with a gradual raise of the surface area so that it blends in with the rest of the screen
    In the past i have removed scratches from perspex by using a fine cutting compound but it is a slow process
    I have used both brasso metal polish and t cut which is for car paint but if the scratch is deep it may be worth starting with something a wee bit coarser and finish with the fine

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    brasso did it for me (I think that's the way it's spelled). The stuff you military guys used to use to polish your belt buckles.
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    I have used the pads and polish from a 3M headlight refinishing kit. I used a cordless drill, very light pressure and kept spraying the windshield with water from a spray bottle. Windshield was not on the bike. I removed it and supported it with foam. The scratches I removed looked like they were made with a scotchbrite pad. They were not deep, but they were in a pretty wide swath. Looked to me like the previous owner tried a couple of swipes to remove bugs and then realized it was a bad idea.

    My windshield is clear and I had leftovers from using the headlight kit on my old Bronco and my wifes honda. Figured if I made a mess, I would just get a new one. Work well for me.

    (the kit is made for cleaning up plastic headlights. They are cloudy for the first couple of abrasives, but the last two make it clear)
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    I think the stock shields are coated, so it will be hard to get the scratch out, I had a cee bailey on my RK, and every winter I would buff out all the scratches with a buffer.
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    Depending how deep your scratch is determins how easy it comes out. To deep and you will have a distorted shield in the area you attempt to fix. Might end up with a new shield for X-Mas. Maybe.