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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mavagrand, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Was in one of those Army/Navy surplus type stores yesterday..found this great little rechargeable flashlight that plugs into a cigarette lighter. This is not one of those bulky, cheesy plastic ones that you can find at any auto parts store, this is good quality and bright. It is made by a Company called "Stone River Gear" and is about the same size as a typical automotive cigarette lighter. I have been looking for something like this for years as I love to tour on my 08 Electra Glide but have limited room. Other's I have found are either too cheap to hold up or too large to ride in my cigarette lighter port without scratching my tank. This doesn't protrude anymore than the factory cigarette lighter. I rode some today with it installed and it stayed put. There is even a nice red light that glows to let you know the flashlight is charging. I don't have any photos but go to their website, it is ez to find. The one I have has the orange tip and I think retails for around 24.00.
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    Thank you, Tank, that is it. I can tell you so far I am impressed wtih this thing. Small enough that it doesn't take up valuable space but bright enough to be useful.
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    Good info. Will take a look at them.

    I also have some flashlight info but with a sort of the opposite twist. These were given to me as a present from a close friend. Awesome looking flashlights made by a company called Element (see link). These are Hi output LED flashlights that look really well made. The output is incredible & the quality looks so good you would think these are the last flashlights you will ever need to buy.
    This model had a push button switch that has a Hi & low light output. Well in less than a couple of weeks BOTH flashlights developed bad switches. Turn them ON and within a minute they turn off by themselves. I told my friend about it and he said both of his are doing the same exact thing.
    Nothing I did would make them work properly.

    Don't know if it was just these 4 out of 4 being bad, but I would keep my receipt and package material if I purchased a set of these.

    They sure are pretty. But I think they have a serious design problem in the switch.

    2 Element Water Res. Super Bright Luxeon LED Flashlight
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    I use the cyclops LED clipped on a ball cap. The light is where you're looking and takes up almost no room at all. Works great.
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    I got one of those crank up light. If you need light just crank the handle a few times. Must say this other light looks great and is muck smaller.
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    That looks like the way to go. I have a cheap flashlight in my bag and I just know it that when the day comes that I will need it-the battery will be dead! The flashlight you suggested will always be charged and ready to go. Something i won't have to worry about. I don't use my cigarette lighter at all so that could put the now useless lighter to good use.:)