Rear Tires Excessive Wear on 07 FXSTC

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Iceridge, Apr 9, 2011.

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    I purchased a 2007 FXSTC, brand new. I have had a serious problem with the rear tire wearing out in the center in 1500 miles. I keep the air pressure exactly at the manufacturers suggested pressure of 42. as I have replaced 5 tires in 10,000 miles 3 of these at a tire pressure of 36, 38 and 40, the last two at 42psi. The dealer shakes his head, the tire manufacturer ( Metzler now on the last 4 tires says its the pressure that I have not kept it properly) I have had the tire rechecked to make sure its balanced properly and it has been, in fact at speeds up to 107 ( highest I've been) the bike runs very smooth. Anyone have a suggestion?
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    Rear wheel alignment?
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    Has all tires been installed by the same person? What kind of weight is being hauled if any? I would say like glider said Alignment has to checked and rechecked. 5 tires in 10k is a serious problem.
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    Thank you for the fast response. The Harley dealer installed 3 of the tires, then two independent bike shops installed the last two, each one assured me the alignment was correct, but I am going to check it myself ( by measuring?) as I replaced the last tire at the end of the season. I completely agree this should be the problem and it has been checked by several qualified mechanics.
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    Glider may be correct and that you could have a misalignment and the rear tire is squirming. I would hope that the dealer would have checked this. You did not say how you ride, except to say you had the bike to 107mph. Keeping the tire at max inflation (42psi) is not something I would do unless most of my riding is two up. If you are riding solo I would think 34 to 36 psi should be about right. Has any work been done on the engine? What type of milege did you get out of the original tires?
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    I had the engine bored out to 103 at 200 miles, the original dunlop tire wore out at 1700 miles, in the middle of a road trip.
    Yes, I like high speeds and when the first tire wore out the air pressure was 36psi. I don't do any burnouts or any excessive braking, I like carving, but nothing crazy, a little aggressive. The dealer claims he checked it and the last two independents claim the same thing, that the alignment is ok.


    All engine work was done at the dealer.
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    Which Metzler tire? Complete number including load rating.
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    Just a thought, but what type of roads do you ride on? Concrete , ashpalt, gravel? Lots of cracks, wheel depressions etc. I don't know if it makes a difference or not. But might be something to consider??
  9. Iceridge

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    I had a new ME 880 Marathon Tire installed last fall here are all the numbers on the tire: Dot EB X R L 709 E 3 75R 002743
    200/55/R17 m/c 78V
    Note that this tire is narrower than the last 4 tires, the other tires ( I think ) were 210 or 215, I don't know if this is going to help, it was suggested by the independent that installed it. I don't know what the speed rating is. Thank you!
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    I think I will stick to the Dunlops.