Rear shock replacement.

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    I tore the rubber protective boots on both of my rear shocks while giving my bike a good cleaning before its winter storage. I have an '03 Ultra so it is understandable that the rubber boots were pretty much dry rotted. I had seen while at the local dealership that they have prominently displayed on the counter the new "Legend" shocks. I know nothing about them except that they are not air suspension shocks. Does anyone have them? Are they that much more superior than the OEM air shocks, if at all? My wife rides with me often and it is fairly easy to pump up the extra psi on those shocks to accommodate her so that is not a problem. But my thoughts were that at prit near $800.00 for the pair they ought to be worth it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Actually, the OEM air shocks are not that bad. Find a set, drain the oil and replace with 7W and pre-load as required for one or two up riding. Unless you are dragging floor boards at 80mph in a long sweeper, no need for upgrading shocks. Addtionally, once you get up past $600 for a pair there are many better options than anything from the MoCo.:s
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    I have a pair of the OEM standard length air shocks (54565-97) that came off my '12 Ultra when I lowered front and back. I am not sure of the length, but I think they are 13" (went and measured and that is what they are). You can have them if you pay the shipping. Send me a PM if interested.



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    No direct dealings with Legend but as I recall having done some research on them before. I came away from my research that there were more negatives than positives. As Dolt pointed out, there are other players for that price. Progressive being one.

    You can also replace the boots on your shocks. I know the Moco does not offer them but I believe NAPA or someone else does. I replaced mine on my 03. I do some digging see what I bought and report back.

    This is what I used. While not EXACTLY like oem. They do the job just fine. Monroe SA1997 Shock-Mate Shock Absorber Boot Kit: Automotive
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    If you're happy with the two up ride with the stock units how can you beat the deal from TQ?

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    Man, That TQ really gives great deals..... Don is Correct :D

    You can find the STOCK (best in my book) off a newer bike as Low Mile Take-offs but you'll need to pay 1 to 2 hundred dollars for them...
    (I Know, I bought some for my 09 King)...

    Don't tell TQ the Value :cry :lol...

    TQ has Always been a Generous person... Here and Probably off the forum TOO... :D

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    If TQ shocks fit my trike I would be all over that, what a great guy:D
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    Forgot to mention that the shocks were the original ones on this '12 Ultra, and had 4,340 miles on them back in August when I changed them out. You might want to change out the oil in them just to ensure it is in top shape, but should be good as is if not.

    Let me know if you want them ASAP.