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    I have a 2007 Dyna Street bob and the second upper shock bolt snapped at exactly the same place and it was just me and my wife riding, no extras, the first time it was just me and bike loaded down on my way back from Lebanon PA to Seattle WA, the first bolt snapped just outside of Spokane WA, I had friends in Rathdrum ID come and pick me up and retrieve the bolt that just snapped today... first bolt was drilled and and turned out, no damage to the inner frame threads thankfully.
    I'm thinking that this 1" of thread surface is not quite enough and flexes a lot during travel.

    My fix, I'm going to get a bolt that will run the length of both holes and cap it on the end threat with a nut and of course some blue loctite and a lock washer. I sent out a nasty gram to Harley Davidson about an hour ago to let them know to check into this problem because if we had crashed and survived we would have sued their (EDIT) off!

    Thanks for reading.

    P.S. I have a picture of BOTH bolts but I need a reason to post 4 more times LOL

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    Possibly you had the bike overloaded or the shocks on too soft of a setting and it bottomed out a few times.

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