Rear belt drive almost split in half!

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by UsMc16, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. UsMc16

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    I just bought a 05 xl883 sporty w 4300 miles for the wife and when i was lookin it over there is about 3/4 split all the way through (width) wise. How hard would it be to change the belt out? or should i just take it in. No warranty just bought it from a Marine on base who never rode it.
  2. Slo-Ryd

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    Depends on how mechanically inclined you are. On the Sporty you should only have to remove the rear wheel, brake caliper and lower shock mount to get the belt out. Whereas on a big twin the primary and swingarm has to come apart to get at it. If you decide to tackle it, we can help you through the process if you get stuck.

    I would recommend getting a Service Manual with the $$$ you save doing it yourself. JMO
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    XL belt replacement is pretty easy. Remove the primary sprocket cover on the right side of the engine, the bottom right rear shock bolt and a muffler mount or two so you can slip the belt through. Look in the trans/clutch/primary section of the forums self help tips (top left of page) for lots of belt tightening info..

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    I have to SMILE when it was MY sporty that ate a belt....:D

    Belt runs about 200$ and doing it your self will save 100$ or so..

    Make sure you count the teeth accurately as many different sizes in Lengths and Widths are available...

    NOW, No Smile on a Big Twin.:(.:newsmile055:.

    Lots of work there..

  5. UsMc16

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    alright, i deff gotta look up the steps. It shouldnt be hard from wat u guys r saying. thx by the way. Im thinking there might be a rock or somethin in the teeth cause ive never heard a belt splitting in half from only 4300 mile on it. but well see. thanks again.
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    Like BigAl said I would highly encourage you to get the factory service manual. Even if you understand the basic steps necessary to do this procedure you will still need information such as torque specs. The service manual is one of the best investments you can make for your bike if you plan on doing the work yourself.
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    my 02 sporty unknown to me had an expensive aluminum front sprocket ( where belt fits in front) it only lasts maybe 5000 miles, then is replaced in racing bikes. it threw my belt, and cut my finger when i checked it and figured the problem out! it was one of my first major -ish projects and went easy . so just belt is easy .make sure to count threads on rear tire-make sure its straight!