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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by NewtoHD, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Proud owner of 2011 Limited, great bike but I have one concern. The dealer delievered it with no air in the rear shocks, I thougth it rode a little rough for the first 100 miles before I when back to the dealer to check. They put 30# in the shocks and sold me a pump/guage and told everything is ok. Now that I can check it, it appears that I am losing about 7-8#s a week. Dealer says that is acceptable, I think no leakage is acceptable. Do I stomp my feet or accept I will need to add air before every ride?
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    I think I would go back and ask them to check all fitting for leaks. Mine don't leak at all for over a month or longer. A little water and soap mix, spray on fittings ( air bubbles will show leaks.) But thats the dealers job. Its under warranty
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    I've had mine for 2 1/2 yrs. and it does not leak. I'd have them stop the leak myself as it's a new bike under warranty and will probably get worse over time. Ask them if they would accept a new tire that leaked 7 or 8 #'s a week.
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    Tell the dealer to go back to school. It's NOT acceptable at all. There should be very little leakage if at all. Stomp your feet!

    Read this...

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    Not acceptable. This is warranty coverage. Might just be a loose fitting. No matter what it is the dealer is responsible to fix it. H-D supplements his time for warranty work. Sounds like this dealer needs to work on their customer service!
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    RUBBISH!!!! Find another dealer!!!! My 2008 EG has had the shocks air pressure adjusted a half dozen times in 3 years and have never been flat. So if dealer is correct, I guess on your very expensive motorcycle you will need to pack you air pump for that cross country trip, for you will be needing to air the shocks frequently. :newsmile055:
  7. Same advice here.... they don't leak normally. You have a problem.
    If he pumped it to 30 that may be too high and caused damage in the line or a bladder. Read the manual, I think only the Street model goes a bit higher than the EG model, but even the street the max is 30 I believe.
    Funny you said it was delivered with no air.
    I rode my 08 EG for 3 weeks from the dealer delivery before I figured out where the air valve for the rear shocks was, then checked it and it had no air showing on the gauge.
    I used the HD hand pump and brought it up to 18 lbs, I'm 265 lbs and the wife is 115 lbs and the ride is fine for us at 18 lbs.
    It maybe loses 2 lbs over the winter sitting and that's it. You have a slow leak and it's not acceptible. Don't use a compressor to fill it or damage can occurr because too much air goes in.
    Good luck.
  8. gusotto

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    The air in my '07 Ultra stays constant.
    No leaks.
    Take it back!
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    Mine was also delivered with no air in the shocks. I had bought the hand air pump and didn't check until the wife and I went to take a ride, but did think it was riding a little rough. I assumed the bike is delivered with air pressure for solo rider.

    Now I have something to watch for and will take back to dealer if there is any leak down.

    Thanks for the posts and the initial question, something I would not of thought to ask about.
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    I'm certain the shocks are OK, but bike has a leak somewhere in the lines/connections. Probably from the start & this is why they were empty from day-1. Dealer needs to leak test & fix...easy warranty repair...don't know why they're not acknowledging your concern. Might be time to hit up service manager, or new dealer.