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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mangiacavallo, Aug 4, 2010.

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    so my '09 RKC started up (the starter lately has cranked -- stopped momentarily -- then engaged). i let it run for a couple of minutes to warm it up, then turned it off to wait for the girlfriend to gear up for the ride.
    went to start it again ... nothing. zero. no lights on the dash, no sound.
    i hadn't ridden in a few weeks but had it on the battery tender the whole time.
    just tried to turn on the ignition again to see if the motorcycle gods had deigned to miraculously fix things for me ... and i hear a weird cranking sound coming from, what i'd guess is the starter, but nothing else.
    it's still under factory warranty ... but if it turns out to be a dead battery, the tow from where i live to the dealer is about a $300 tow. if it's the starter, i'm assuming the MOCO will pay (why don't i trust them?).
    this is really bumming me out.
    why would a starter go on me when the bike is only 13 months old??! and has less than 4K miles??
    any thoughts ...?
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    Well since misery loves 2010 FLHRC went in for its 1K service last Monday and is still in the shop. Turns out the bad gas mileage, bogging from a stop and running hot was all caused by the "brain" going bad. Covered by the warranty but still a bummer. Now don't you feel better? :)
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    Any thing mechanical can fail . I see stuff go bad right out of the box everyday in whAt I do

    Since you said all power was lost check the cables and connections b4 haveing it towed also load test the battery
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    co-worker bought a bike sat. in july last year. 09 ultra. went to pick it up sun. drove the bike out in front of the stealers and took pics. bike won't start and had to get a new battery right there. brand new, 4 miles showing.
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    What I have found is that many battery associated problems can be traced back to a poor connection in the cables themselves and not the battery at all. It's one of the biggest single problems when it comes to any motor vehicle.
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    Before I would haul it 300 miles or whatever, get a charger on the battery and verify for yourself. You should have a tender and an instant starter charger on hand if you leave the bike unstarted for any long periods of time. Battery should not be bad but a quick charge will verify. Check out your fuses as well. May have blown one. Good luck.
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    Listen to Glider. These machines aren't women, they're a bucket of bolts assembled by humans. These machines don't have anything against you, so do a little digging and check out the possibilities of what could be causing the problem. Electricity is latent and a simple cheap multimeter can tell you a lot, if used correctly. The starting and charging system on a Harley is easy to diagnose with a multimeter. There is a step by step process to finding the problem. It could be something very simple, like loose, painted over, or a broken wire or terminal, and save you a trip and more pain.

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    Like the others recommended check all connections for battery and starter.
    Hopefully that is the problem. Batteries now days give no warning they just quit. While checking cables remove battery and have tested locally. This will take care of concern if battery is bad. It is probably is not the starter.
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    Do not forget to check the fuses and for any corrosion on the spades of each fuse....