Re-Registering 2009 FLHX marked as non repairable

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by HD8080, Mar 11, 2009.

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    I'm a newbie to the forum world so if I make any mistakes posting please let me know.

    Some back ground first. I ride an 80 80 FLH and a 96" 79 FLH.I rebuilt both from the ground up. I am a ticketed pressure welder, millwright and others. I am very familiar at checking for metal fatigue and weld integrity etc.

    I have purchased a 2009 FLHX that was marked as non repairable (should never have been done according to a local HD dealer since you can always purchase a new frame with the same serial number). I am looking for the steps I need to follow to get this bike recertified once all the cosmetic repairs are completed.

    I have started to dismantle the bike and I will strip it down to just the frame and confirm my first belief that it is sound.

    I read in one of the posts that when repairing a bike you should ask yourself - would I let my child ride it when it is done. This is something I agree with completely and when this bike is finished the kids can go for a putt if they can pry me off.

    If the frame has to be replaced what are my options for a new one or is it only through a HD dealer. Does it have to have the same serial number?

    Where would I go to find documentation to start the re-registration process?

    Thanks for any help.
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    In order to get a new frame from Harley with matching numbers , you have to cut the neck off the present one showing the VIN number and turn it in to them. I don't know if an individual can do this or it has to be done by a dealer. As far as re certification, that varies from state to state.
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    Like Big Lew said, you probably need to start with your state's DMV. Whether you can re-title the vehicle may depend on how the title was branded. If it was branded as salvage, then you can probably rebuild and re-title as a rebuilt vehicle. If it was branded as non-repairable, then your only option may be to part it out because it cannot be re-titled.
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    If your not worried about resale just title it as a custom, The DMV will generate a new VIN# for you,sometimes they check engine # to make sure its not stolen
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    WOW I am impressed with all the responses. Greatly apprciate your suggestion and I guess I need to start at the DMV office.
    Thanks again