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    My bike is a 2008 FXSTC, it had a slow idle when at running temperature. Someone told me that is a result of the O2 sensors forcing it to run lean.

    Today, I installed some O2 eliminators, heated it up to temp and re-tuned the SERF Fueler. The bike is stock apart from SERF, exhaust and Hypercharcge AC.

    The idle is much better now, but I don't have a Tacho and am not sure if the idle rpm is right or a bit too high now. What do you think should it be a bit slower?

    It still has a stumble when hitting the throttle too quick but I have been told they can all do that. You can hear the stumble in the video.

    Sorry about the poor quality video, it was done with a still camera.

    You can view the video on you tube youtube.com/watch?v=xcGafBNQJB4
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    I have the exact bike with the same pipe, Andrew 54G cams and a TMAT.
    I've lowered my idle to 944, runs good, idles good too.
    Your bike is idling faster than mine.
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    One thing that would give you both, an increased idle speed along with a flat spot on acceleration would be a intake vacuum leak. It might be something to check.