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    Hello all,
    I have a 07 EG Classic I'm rebuilding from a wreck. The damage was slight, mostly just scratched up, but the tour pak was destroyed along with the antenna and mount. We have the bike looking great, but the radio, when you first turn it on, says "radio needs calibrated". The LCD works and all the controls show they are working on the LCD, but there is no sound. When we first turned it on, the radio was beeping from the speakers, but this stopped sometime later. Having found no problems with wiring etc. I took it to our local HD dealer and he said the radio was bad, but this dealership has a very poor rep in the service shop area. There was no damage in the area of the radio. Any ideas from any of you would be greatly appreciated. I know I can send the radio off to be repaired, but it would be nice to save that $250. Thanks.
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    I repair radios for a living. I am not familiar with the innards' of the radio on your 07 EG Classic however from what you describe it sounds like the unit has become faulty as a result of the wreck. Even though there is no apparent physical damage the circuit boards and/or the integrated ICs ('chips) could have been damaged due to the trauma (read G-force) from the impact of the wreck. It certainly doesen't sound like a DIY fixit job. Maybe you can find a local electronics repair shop in your area that will at least diagnose the problem (tell ya if it can easily be repaired or not) for a reasonable fee. ($25?). I would weigh the cost of a new radio against the $250 repair fee that you've mentioned. At $250 I'd want an iron clad warranty.
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    Try burning the newest updates from Harmon Kardon and re-program it that way