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    Has anyone ever had trouble with their radio cutting out. The radio is still on, the station is still on, but the sound cuts out. If I turn it off & wait awhile, when I turn it on it works, but eventually the sound cuts out.
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    I had problems with my '07 cutting out.
    Acted like an antenna was loose but after checking, the antenna was OK.
    I found some info regarding the software upgrade on the Harman/Kardon radio.
    My local dealer did an software upgrade (takes about 10 minutes and it's FREE).
    My software was Version 8.09. I upgraded to Version 8.19 (the latest version at the time).
    My radio was cutting out while riding to the dealer. When I left the dealership, the radio was perfect and that was two years ago.
    It fixed the problem.

    I met another rider with a 2010 bike and his radio was cutting out and jumping from band-to-band and changing stations while riding.
    I mentioned the software "fix."
    He dropped by the dealership on Monday (the radio acting up all along the ride.)
    They reloaded the software and it never was a problem on his 50 mile ride home.

    I noticed the newest I can find on any of the bikes is Version 8.22.
    If your radio has the latest, don't let it other you.
    Let them reload the software and it will probably fix your problem.
    Better to give it a try as some dealers just want to replace the radio. When you do that option, you usually end up with a rebuilt radio and sometinmes the radio face is scratched (lightly.)
    You paid for a new bike and you should keep your new radio.

    Give the software reload a chance.

    To find your software version, make sure your radio is on FM when you turn it on.

    With the radio off, hold down any two of the six buttons that are along the edge of the radio face.

    Then turn the ignition switch to ACC.

    A different display will come up.
    (OK to release the buttons now.)
    Top right has a display "Software."
    Hit that button next to "Software."
    You can read your version # then.

    Some dealers are aware of the software problem.
    Find a dealer who can help you.
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