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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by horatio, May 21, 2011.

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    I want to get a motorcycle and have been reading about the nightster. I will want to ride it about 250 miles at a time, about once a month and 40 miles to work everyday. I read that it is not as comfortable as other bikes. Can I put a second seat on it and have someone ride with me comfortably? I am fifty and havent ridden a motorcycle in about twenty years. I want a little of the cool factor of riding a harley. I also would like to do some rides with others.

    Is the nightster a good bike for what I want?



    also when I read a review of a particular motorcycle, say the street bob, are most year models the same? Can I read a review of a 2008 sportster and translate that to a 2011 sportster?
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    If you have questions about ride comfort, probably be best to rent a bike for the day.
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    From what you post, IMO you would be much better off with something like a Dyna low rider or Dyna superglide. A bit more money but you will be much more comfortable riding and will not be looking to trade up too soon.

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    May I suggest?

    Go to a HD Dealer that sells used bikes and Ride a 1200 sport bike,,,, THEN try a Dyna,,, Then try the 1200 sport Again... You should NOT have any more question about What Bike YOU WANT..


    A FEW Harley bikes I've owned from NEW

    1995 883 rode then later converted to 1200..sold
    1997 FXDS EVO rode and sold to a friend,,,he is still a friend
    2000 FXDS TC rode and rebuilt many ways Hot/6spd. traded in on 09 FLHR
    2006 sport 1200 R still riding but not as often... a keeper
    09 FLHR Best ride I ever had.(.) KEEPER
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    Depending on your size and that of your passenger, you may not be real comfortable on the sportster riding 2 up, you should test ride several models to find the best fit...JMO
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    As Bubbie and others said definitely do a test ride but even then it's hard to tell about the long haul since a sportster is fun to ride. Handles lighter and has a thinner feel to it. The 1200's are fast too.

    But think carefully of Glider's analogy of your scenario. I was much like you a year ago having not ridden in years and dreaming of that Sportster I never had when I was younger. A woman rider that my wife and I knew told me that a Sportster would be too small for me and I should look at a Dyna. Up untill that time all I could think about was a Sportster.

    I ended up getting the Street Bob and I'm glad I did. Still love the sportster, there is a little older lady in my town that rides a beautiful new Nightster and she and it look totally awesome going down the road. She's only about 5 feet tall. It's a beautiful bike. Her husband rides an Ultra batwinged setup.

    But at least consider the larger models in your shopping, don't let the Sportster be your only objective. Especially if you plan on riding 2up any.

    As far as Street Bob's go, any of them 2007 and after are good buys. Pre 07's are good too but had some chain tensioner issues. The engine is the same on all the standard non CVO models but still a powerful package. They changed the back fender some for the newer yrs. Good luck with your choice.
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    I rode a 1200 Sporty for about a year. I had been off motorcycles for 18 years, wanted to get back into it, couldn't find a decent used bike in my price range, HD salesman then proceeded to talk me into a new Sporty for low, low monthly payments!

    It was a fun bike but.....

    1. I'm 6 foot tall and 240 pounds and could only ride it for about an hour to an hour and a half without feeling crowded and needing to get off and stretch. This is also with an upgraded Mustang seat and better Progressive rear shocks. When people say the Sporty is a small bike, they're not talking about the motor, it's the frame and overall set up.

    2. My wife and daughter are both small to medium size and they would ride with me to the local Starbucks and back and that was it! It's possible to ride 2 up on this bike but it's simply NOT what it was designed to do.

    3. Added a detachable windshield and that made it tolerable to ride at highway speeds but you still get moved around a LOT more than you do on a heavier model bike.

    For the riding you described, do yourself a favor and give serious consideration to at least a Dyna and maybe even a Softail or Touring bike. Even if you have to buy used vs. new, you'll thank yourself in the long run.

    Oh, and don't allow yourself to start thinking, "I'll just ride the Sporty for a year and then trade up to something bigger." Your wallet will take a HUGE hit doing it this way.
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    All these posts are spot on. I can understand you wanting a Nightster, as it is a great bike. I bought mine a year ago after not riding for years, and I'm 50+ years old. But I'm 5'6" and 125 lbs and found this to fit me well. And I knew I would be the only one on it so the solo seat is great. True, on a windy day I might get moved around a little but I expect that with the Nightster and my size!:D So take all this in and pick the bike that suits you and what you'll be using it for.
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    Go to the HD dealer and do demo ride with different bikes. Find what feels comfy to you.