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    hey its my 1 st time here so my question is I have a 2008 Harley ultra with vance an hines tru duels and high flow air filter set up with a fuel pack sys. I need more power up hill and I want to cancel the rpm limiter that's kille the power at 5500 rpm is there a way to do that thanks
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    You say "fuel pack sys." Do you mean you have a Vance and Hines Fuel Pack on your bike? I wouldn't expect Dobeck to presume to answer questions for V&H - I would contact V&H directly if you think it's something that needs to be tweaked with their product.

    The dealer download will remove the 5500 RPM limit.
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    I don't have the answer though, I think I would try what the Dr. suggests. Let us know what works.
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    USMC Rider; This section of the forum's specifically for tuner questions to Dobeck Performance who manufactures/sells the TFI and other recreational vehicle tuners. You need to post your question in the "Touring" section of this forum, or go here: Fuelpak FI - FAQ
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    Great idea to move this out of Dobeck's section.

    I put it here rather than Touring since it's an engine related question.
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    Changing your rev. limit will not give you any more power. Your stock cams stop making power before your rev. limiter kicks in. If you want mo' power you need to put different cams in.
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    Breeze has you covered here on the power issue. Is there some reason you can't downshift to get the motor in the power range you need?

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    Lean will cause loss of power.

    Not enough compression ? (more=Power)

    Just a cam change MIGHT help. The intake close on a stock cam is 30*
    (newer TC motors)

    Going Later in intake close (bigger close number) will Lower compression= less power.

    Going Earlier on intake close (smaller close number) will Raise compression=More power

    It IS Just that simple to understand AND WHAT I just said is a good way to look/judge a cam change IF you only change out cams AND Nothing Else to compensate for the Compression losses of a Big Number Cam (Late Intake Close)

    If you do need to get a Big Cam (later clos intake) , Then you will need BIG changes to the Heads and or High compression pistons to make up for the drop of POWER...

    The RPM is something I had Full Control of on my early TC bikes. HI4??? you know the old electrical units for tweeking the different programs they used internally.

    I find NO use for raising the RPM on a HD as they won't last long turning Higher than the FIRST rev-limiter allows.

    Some good cams are available for Early intake closing.

    I use the SE255 cams. (550 lifts) intake close at 25*

    Others out there that are close to UNDER the 30* intake close of stock: Andrews 48H @ 29*..... SnS 551 @19*..... SnS 557 @ 27* are the Most available and DO a good job as JUST a CAM with NOTHING else doing to the Inner Motor Parts to make Power.

    The above cams will make low end Torque at Lower RPM's. IF you want HIGH RPM,,,,, That becomes a whole New Ball Park... Just going the opposite and adding many more $$$$$$$$$$ will get you there.

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    Down shifting should take care of your hill pulling power; particularly if you are trying to pull the hill in 6th gear; not a good idea and hard on the motor.

    2008 may have changed but the pre-07 model ECMs set the rev limiter at 5800rpm, not 5500rpms. I have always increased the rev limit to 6200 but the tuners used have that capability; the FuelPak does not.

    As previously posted, the factory Stage I download adds a bit of fuel and does increase the rev limit to 6200 but at a cost of $150 for the download. You would have to decide if the download is worth the $$.