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    98 road king classic anniv has updated new style headlight, it was popping fuses so i added a 20 amp instead of the standard 15 amp (dealer told me to do this?) problem solved? nope! today it fires up no problem shining bright. I ride a mile shut it down enjoy an easter egg hunt, then go to leave nothing!!! no tail light headlight now the FI pump wont even come on and bike wont start! i have horn and dash lights and signals. fuses are all good???? no clue what to do? thanks! just purchased bike saturday! any suggestions?

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    to me it sounds like you have a intermittent short. you might have a place on the harness where it is worn and the wires are rubbing on the frame. try following your lights harness, would be easier if you were able to get it on a stand. JMO good luck
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    Is it a updated headlight bulb. Like going from 55/65 to a say 85/100 bulb. I would open up headlight assembly and check to see if brighter bulb has melted connector and connector shorting out and blowing fuse. Remember that headlight comes on with ignition on. I had this experience on a different bike. Headlight connector melted so bad that I had to cut harness from bulb and toss bulb and connector....
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    thanks checking now!
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    it was the stock 98 headlight upgraded to the new style halogen lamp? not sure of wattage or amps? im taking apart as i post this! (EDIT) it would be great to have a lift. back is killing me!!!!!!!!

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