question about clutch adjustment 06 heritage

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by kipd, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. kipd

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    I've adjusted clutches using the video methods on this site, where you first adjust the cable adjuster to collapse the lever all the way to the grip, then make the adjustments under the derby cover. but on my wife's heritage with the cable adjuster all the way closed, the lever does not reach the grip, its still a few inches from touching the handlebar. The previous owner installed braided cables so it is not stock. it needs a slight adjustment because it feels like it doesnt completely disengage. when she starts the bike in gear, clutch lever completely pulled in, it still has a slight learch forward. Im not sure if i should attempt to adjust the clutch without the lever completely collapsed.
    any tips would be appriciated.

  2. Scrappy

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    it sounds to me this learch forward (an inch or so) is normal and caused by fluid still between the clutch plates causing friction. also, the cable adjustment should be at it loosest point if im not mistaken. start the bike in neutral. welcome to the forums.
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  3. Animal

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    Disconnect the cable from the clutch lever and then do your adjustment at the Clutch plates, you don't want any pressure on the cable at all.
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    While it won't hurt to adjust it, your issue of 'lurching foreward" while starting is quite common, both of my softails did it. Too much oil in the primary, real thick oil, the colder it gets outside the more it wants to do it, it just happens and if you are not having trouble finding neutral then you'll be fine.

    As long as you have an inch or so of free play when you pull on the cable where it meets the handle, you have it loose enough to adjust the clutch. You can kind of unhook it from where it sits in the handle frame after you loosen it, plull on the cable and rotate it foreward, that will give you plenty of play.

    I always start my bike in neutral with the clutch pulled and me sitting on the bike, just a habit I got into when I saw a bone head try to start his in 1st when he thought it was neutral.