Question about 08 Heritage Stage 1 or 2 kit ?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by bjasonpowellsr, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. bjasonpowellsr

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    I'm thinking about buying a stage 1 or 2 arlen ness big sucker kit. How does it compare to the screaming eagle kit ?
    Also will it require remapping the efi ?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Lots of answers in the Self Help section.. Type,, on top of page SEARCH ,, key words will get you up to Snuff. TRY TFI and read..

    When you have Exhaust Modifications (less back-pressure) Like slip-ons AND the More Air type modification, I would say YES you need to INCREASE the fuel to the HD system,,,,, AS you made it MORE Lean by doing these improvements...
    I would get a Simple Item that is a PIGGY-BACK called TFI...(check discounts) 265$ area - discounts,,,,, Check Before you order with a Office person at Dobecks as opposed to just ordering on line.

    Talking to a tech (Dallas or Chris) and ask them ANY questions and get the answers you need from them.

    Many here on this site have SELF installed and Made Simple adjustments to take the LEAN condition OUT of their bikes for the performance of a stage one..

    I have a full stage one and TFI on my 09 FLHR... Rode it for a while at stage one and then installed SE255 cams,, A small adjustment on the TFI and back to the BEST ride ever.
    Good running and Better than Just giving HD 100/150$ for a sert/map that still will be TOO LEAN..

    HD Can Improve the fuel that is lacking when you Modify to stage one, BUT it is STILL Too Lean because of the EPA has HD by the short hairs and By going TFI, YOU have the ability to get the fuel needed and make the bike run Much COOLER and Much better..DOING it your self is a SNAP..

  3. Jack Klarich

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    Bubbie and Tank have given you good info, We have seen a lot of problems lately with Arlen Ness products cracking, shop around IMO HD got it right the first time and I do not like to promote HD JMO