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    Ok I have an '89 electra glide classic with a stock 80 with no mods to exhaust or ignition system. When I start the bike in the morning it is hard starting and once it starts it runs terrible and the idle speed will surge and drop 300rpm and bounce back up. Once I have ridden it for about 15mins after letting it warm up first the bike runs great but until that point it coughs everytime I pull from a stop. I have done everything I can regarding the carb such as rebuilding it , new intake gaskets, and everything else fuel wise.

    Now I am beginning to wonder if I might have a problem electrically. What, if anything, could cause these problems.
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    If it were me, I would locate a good known operating carb and put it on for a test. But then again, I was never a good carb man for some reason.
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    A very simple thing to check is to make sure that the choke (enrichener as HD calls it) butterfly is closing when you pull it out.
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    As STEVE07 said take your a/c cover off and look at the butterfly plate when pulling the choke knob. If it is a stock carb. you don't have the enrichner but a manual choke. Another thing if you still have the rubber compliance boots to the heads check them for small cracks. You can convert them to the new stile O-Ring set up for the heads with a new manifold for an S&S type carb. set up. In 1990 they went to the CV carb. If you could convert to it or an S&S carb. you would have alot less problems.