Pro's Con's of Buying a 2009 Electra Glide Ultra

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  1. Fozzy325

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    After owning an 1988 Electra glide FLHTC with the speedometer and tachometer as the built in module on the front dash.
    I am a bit reluctant to buy a 2009 Electra glide Classic as I do not want to end up with the same hassle of finding spares in the future.

    For example
    Due to the 88 being an in between model things that I couldn't upgrade or get parts for.
    Breaks (Rear)
    Fuel Tank and cover for the fuel top

    And there were many more things to go with this.

    My concern is the 2008 2009 and 2010 all seem to be slightly different from one another but 2009 looks to be the in between bike again.

    Things i have found already
    2008 exhaust will not fit on a 2009 upwards
    2010 exhaust will not fit on below models

    Boxes on the 2009 have been moved backwards by 5 inches. is the 2010 the same?

    Does the 2010 exhaust not fit purely because of the 2 into 1 set up. Does the 2010 2-1-2 still fit the 2009 version.

    The 2010 gear modification. Will this also work on the 2009 version as the 2009 and previous will not work.

    Any more points between the two would be great.

  2. Jack Klarich

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    09 models saw a new frame, bigger gas tank and a better stereo for starters:s
  3. Redfish-Joe

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    09 exhaust does not have a cat in it and uses different 02 sensors.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    I would NOT BUY anything but the 09 model year...:D

    Too many GOOD things on the 09. Cats are really Nice Not to have or be forced to go back to IF you remove them out of a 2010 and above.

    Some day they Might require More EPA checking...:guitar

    96" is the same bore as the 88" but with longer stroke, 3/8" makes the difference.

    103" inch is the same bore as the 95", just the 3/8 inch longer stroke makes that difference also...

    (AND of course , special pistons for that stroker 07 and up)

  5. Lawdog314

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    I have a 2010 Ultra. It does not have cats. I came from a 2006 Road King. Loved the RK but honestly am enjoying the Ultra a bit more. The bigger frame and rear tire sure seemed to make a difference. Have not had problem one at just over 7K. Hope you are as pleased as I am in whatever choice you make.:D
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    I believe the wheels are also different with 17" up front and wider 16" on the rear. Also 1st year for the dual-compound rubber tire. If I'm not mistaken, newer models 2010 and up also have a tad bit lower seat. Massive bike that handles nimbly and remarkably well for a tourer weighing nearly 900 lbs. Rode Sportsters 74' & 77' and SuperGlide 81' prior to getting the 09 Ultra. They were all very nice and enjoyed them, but I must say the newer bike IMO has a more robust frame. Best of luck in your decision Foz.
  8. trike lady

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    The bike is nice, the brown seat no.
    You can also purchase after-market digital gauges.
  9. oldhippie

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    If it is a Canadian model, the '09 does have a cat. I've had my mufflers off and confirmed. It's considered international on the specs as opposed to U.S. model.
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    Does the bike have a clean title? I ask because there's several things that are not correct for an Ultra. It has a Classic fairing, no Ultra Classic badge on front fenders, fender pin stripes are wrong and is missing pin stripes on the side covers. Also the tourpak is not an Ultra. Did you get the lowers with it? But maybe it was just repainted?