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    Well my 07 nightster has been in and out of the shop ever since purchase. 1. Oil leak 2. Would not start. 3. Backfire issue 4. Would not shut off. 5. need new battery. 6. need new relays. And finally 7. bike shuts off while riding. Some one get me out of the worst motorcycle I have every owned!!!

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    Re: Post Your Bad/Problem Parts

    Artnplay, welcome to HDTalking, sorry you are having problems...those problems are related to poor troubleshooting by your dealer...having you throw parts and dollars at the problem instead of taking responsiblility to provide good customer service. Your HD by itself IS NOT the worst motorcycle you have ever owned, but I agree it is probably the worst customer service YOU have ever experienced. I think the dealer should be taken to task or find a new one. If you feel like doing the repairs/troubleshooting your self and you have some hand tools and a service manual...there is plenty of help here if you want a hand!

    Oh yeah, bad parts & part #'s, my '04 Sporty used a P/N#31556-91 date code 10/03 Clutch Starter Sub Assy is now up to revision 91C date code 12/ can only guess how many had problems with the old revisions. Symptom is starter spins, but pinion gear will not kickout & engage flywheel gear to turn over engine.
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