primary oil seal replacement

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by glimmerman, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. glimmerman

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    replaced my oil seal today at the house. took a 2X4 6 inches and drilled a 2 1/8 inch hole thru. put primary cover over wood and tapped out the seal w/ a 3/8 inch cold chisel and a soft mallet, no hammers here. cleaned it up nice and pretty. took a 5/8 inch dia. all thread rod and bolted a craftsman 1 7/8X3/4 drive socket to it inside and out. flat washerson each side. put the inside of primary cover over the socket on the bearing boss, excellent fit. oiled new seal and placed over hole. took a 1-7/16 socket from same set and placed over oil seal. perfect fit. put washer and nut on rod and turned it in with an 8 inch adjustable wrench. no sweat. needed an extra set of hands but i made work ok. no press needed. will probably work for the bearing as well.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Improvise, I like it I have the Kent Moore tool, waste of money unless you are building motors a lot Good Job:s
  3. karlsbike

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    I like it - although I did not fully understand it;)
    Do you have a picture of the set-up?
    - Good to see another homebrewer...
  4. glimmerman

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    no, my photo abilities aren't much. the larger socket is used as a back up on the inside of the primary case. the smaller socket is used as the press to set the seal. bolted the rod to the larger socket inside and out to maintain alignment w/ bore in primary case. held case over rod and supported rest of case w/ wood. center the bore over the larger socket, drop seal in place, then smaller socket, washer and nut.
    line up socket over seal and crank away. don't go too deep. check manual for proper depth. a very large flat washer would be better than the sockets but as red green would say "any tool is the right tool".