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    Need some help please. I havent had my 2001 Ultra Classic for very long but I noticed a slight leak and checked all of the allen bolts around the primary cover and everything was tight; when I checked the drain plug it wasn't tight. So I tried to tighten it and it turned a few times and never really tightened. I started it to see if there was still a leak and instantly shut it off due to a noise. That is when my day started to go bad.

    The plug had been in contact with something and was now inside the case. I then checked the service manual and didnt see anything about only screwing it in so far but I removed the front and rear floorboards and primary cover and the plug was right inside the drain hole with a small shaving stuck to it.

    I'm thinking that I would like to replace the drain plug and then fill with cheap oil run for short time and then drain in case of other shavings; then fill with the good stuff. After looking over everything else and then going back to the drain plug I found this piece near it; is it a piece of the drain plug or something else? Thanks in advance, I'm normally not mechanically challenged but I guess everyone pulls a bonehead move every once in a while.

    Pics arent great but in the blurry one you can see that the pin can be removed from the round cylinder which is slotted for flathead... woohoo pics below, very sorry. When I get this fixed I will become a productive member of this society ;-D
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Fixed 1st image above:

    Fixed 1st image above:
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    The picture looks like the end of the drain plug contacted the clutch hub and broke off.

    You may want to pull the primary cover and see if you have any more parts loose in there.

    Always check the self help area for answers to your questions.

    Primary Chain Case Servicing - Harley Davidson Community
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    You can also buy a aftermarket plug that has a shoulder on it to prvent screwing it in too far for about 20.00. I got mine at