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    My unofficial test of the Power X Wing I installed on my ultra classic. I put a total of 1625 miles on after installing riding a both highway and city with the following results.

    1. No change in MPG
    2. No change in drivability or throttle response with my EFI system
    3. No change in power or torque that I could detect
    4. Noticeable change in my bank account

    I will not disput the Power X Wing web site results, my test was not done with a dyno and I'm just a backyard mach. I can say the drop in my bank account is 100% verifiable. I have removed the Power X Wing placed it with the other useless harley stuff I have.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Should have done a forum search first. I think it's unanimous that we all feel it's mostly Snake Oil. It's been discussed before.

    Thanks for coming back and sharing your honest opinion, though.
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    Thanks for your honest opinion. It is TOOO bad so many lay claims to gains in HP and such. I added it up one time with a bunch of gadgets and to my surprise the out put was well to say un believable, that said one just never knows with out testing and research
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    Pardon my ignorance, but what is a Power X Wing???
    Sounds like it's something I want to avoid purchasing, so I need to know what it is so I know what NOT to buy. :D
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    Wow...you weren't kidding on the bank account hit...$130 for a small piece of metal intake insert.