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    well I just orderd me power vision with air filter from fuel moto. cant wait to plug them and check my scoot. I hope that the ecm on bile isn't programmed already to any stage. as I bought it used and I don't know what modification the previous owner did. as you know a lot of ppl take their goodies when they trade.
    also I just bought a uses cam se255 that I am planning to install in few weeks . if any one have any advise on installing cam . please let me know . as I am thinking to use my original lifter and push rod. wish me luck
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    Good luck! Hope it all works out for you:D
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    thanks you guys.
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    new map loaded and it start surging

    Hi i did had ass new filter and load new map to the ecm. Went for ride about 30 miles. It was aroind 45F and windy. The vike start surging and cutting out between 55 mph and 70 mph. Exactly in rpm range 2200 and 2800. Hit the throtle and ride it at 80 mph ran good. My question is the ecm need to get conditionned . I mean ride more miles till the ecm start to pick up or do i need to di somethinng to map.? Didnt want to bother fuel moto till am sure the map need something . Also noticed water in muffler and the left muffler has white smoke while the right muffler no smoke or nothing . Thanks

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    Re: new map loaded and it start surging

    Might the Left side be the Echo chamber and not a full muffler?

    The exhaust that goes under the bike (cross over) Not as much Flow to the left side Regardless of echo type or full muffler.
    DAMP AIR will produce that vapor that looks like smoke... ONCE it is run and at NORMAL temp. that should take care of the moisture... Some will still be in and may drip from the left side... UNLESS True Duals, this is Common...

    The moisture is normal especially out the left side. It has a lot less exhaust and heat coming through it.

    ? I'd call fuel moto and be talking with them.

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    Re: new map loaded and it start surging

    I merged this new thread with the other PV thread to keep info orderly and in one place.
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    If you are changing cams, you might want to consider buying adjustable pushrods. It will make your change a little easier.