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    Here we go another new tuner to hit the maket , the power vision dynojet, Just cant keep up no more Geez .........
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    Bought Fuel Moto's 09' Touring Package on 09/13. Very easy install. I cannot believe the difference in my stock 2009 FLTR. Wish I had done some meaningful pretesting so I had something to compare before and after. Can tell you this: On a downhill run from Mt. Bachelor to Bend on my stock bike, 100 MPH and she was all in. After the Fuel Moto install on a flat run from Redmond to Bend, I backed off at 110 MPH. Also the best stock fuel mileage I ever got was 47 MPG on a solo Bend to Reno Street Vibrations trip in 2010. Wednesday I made the same run with a passenger and baggage for 2 at: 72MPH, 2800 RPM, 6th gear and averaged 51MPG on each of 4 fuel stops. At 2800 RPM I'm still in the 14.6 AFR range but the bike seems to be running cooler. Shoulda done some pretest to prove/disprove this. I did change to Mobil 1 Syn just before the trip and was able to buy non-ethanol fuel while in Oregon. Also the Jackpot 3.5" Dyno tuned mufflers are extremely pleasant on a long run. There's just gotta be some reason Fuel Moto made the mufflers side specific and added extra baffling to the Left side. I believe their claim they are 'Dino tuned'. There is one thing I wouldn't do again on this install. I removed my fuel tank to run the PV wire concealed. The wire has no end covers so to protect them when I remove the PV, I cover both ends with electrical tape then tie wrap the overlap to keep the tape on. Kinda a pain when U want to play with the PV. Do need to contact Jamie to see if a new cable is available.
    Oh and another thing. I had a fault code show up during the maiden run. #B1123. Had to take it to WildHorse Harley on the Saturday before my trip to Street Vibrations. I left the PV on my handlebars and plugged in. I wanted the Dealer to see exactly what I had done to the OE ECM. I really thought they would claim I had caused the fault. In fact the service order read: "Dyna Tech Power Commander installed prior to problems - Coincidence"? No problem with my flash of the ECM or the PV install. They did replace the Brake/Turn Signal Module which corrected the fault code. It does seem that running the bike with the PV on causes some fault codes but none that require action.
    Well that's it! Unscientific and undocumented. But I would say this is the best $$$ I have spent on this bike. And I'm gonna be preaching the benefits to anyone who will listen. I do believe that the Fuel Moto total package is required to reap my benefits
    2009 FLTR Road Glide. Total stock - and gonna keep it that way!
    OOPS!!!! After 15K miles I couldn't stand it any longer. Installed Fuel Moto's 09 Touring Package, ie; JP Tuned Muffs, SE Air, PV Tuner......