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    I was told by Harley mechanic that I need a " POWER COMMANDER 5, WITH TUNER", because I bought and had him install a new set of rinehardt exhaust system, swithching from a set of screaming eagle pipes. These new pipes are bigger and resulted in the bike mis firing. I am not real familiar with bikes as I just purchased my 2006 Dyna SUPERGLIDE. What I need to find out is will a " POWER COMMANDER 111, work similar to the " POWER COMMANDER 5 WITH TUNER". I have found a new POWER COMMANDER 111 for the same year and make of my bike, but was hoping one of you more experienced persons with Harley knowledge be able to tell me the difference and if the POWER COMMANDER 111 work similar to the POWER COMMANDER 5 WITH TUNER. Will it take care of the mis firing I am having? Can the P/C 111 be mapped to fix the problem I am unable to reach my mechanic, and I have to decide b tomorow afternoon or this POWER COMMANDER 111 ( part number 1020-0218) will be gone. I can buy it for around a hundred bucks.

    I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong format or thread as I am new to any forum. thanks in advance to any answers to my problem.

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    The PCIII is different from the PCV; go to their website and you can read the differences.

    The PCIII is a "piggy back" system that you will install under the seat of your motorcycle. It does not reconfigure the ECM but "tricks" the ECM by sending signals to the ECM which in turn over ride the ECM values and changes the AFR. The tune can be dialed in on a dyno; the best way but will cost about $300. Or, you can go to the Dynojet website and download maps to your computer which can be downloaded to the PCIII on your bike. There are hundreds of maps and you may be able to find one that will stop the decel backfiring.

    There are other less sophisticated fuel management systems that are DIY install and tune (manually), similar to what you would do if re-jetting a carb.
    But, they will cost more than the $100 you are about to pay for the PCIII. Google Techlusion/Dobeck TFI and read; there are similar products but IMHO, the Dobeck unit is the best of that lot.

    If you haven't installed the freer flowing SE air filter; you should do that before trying to "tune" your bike.