power commander v and table lifts

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by W V WEASEL 103, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. W V WEASEL 103

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    What can uall tell me about the PC V ease of use and quality. Would it be overkill on a stock engine with stage 1 airfilter and new slip on exhaust. Also im looking into a table lift. Dont know one from the other help me out guys and give me your opinions. Thanks
  2. artfuentes

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    I installed a PCV on my 2010 FLHTK. I had a stage 1, but I also removed the header (cats), and replaced them with V&H Power Duals and HI-Output slip on's. My intention was to cool the bike down. It worked well. I thought I got a little better torque from this set up, but most people will say this is not enough to give you more passing power.

    I purchased mine through FuelMoto USA and it came preloaded with a map for my specific set up, so no Dyno was needed.

    I've since installed SE255 cams and I did get it tuned and wow, the bike runs great! Lots of torque.

    Is it worth the cost? That depends on what your intent is. Do you want more passing power? This may not do it for you, you may find some increase, but if you really want more power you should change out the cams. Do you want to cool down the bike? This will help, but in my humble opinion you need to get rid of the cats to find any significant change in how hot the bike runs. Better MPG's? Nope, in fact you may lose a mile or two.

    You will get a lot of opinions on this subject. Some will offer up other products, I can not honestly comment on other products as I have never installed or even riden bikes with these products. I can tell you that I am happy with my particular set up. I was satisfied with just the PCV and stage 1 with changing out the pipes, but I really picked it up a notch when I changed out the cams!

    Hope this helps...good luck!
  3. mc2

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    My 08 Fat Boy is a different set up than your ride, but I do like the response from the PCV.
    It's rigged with the K&N air filter and custom 2:1 exhaust; it was previously dyno tuned also.

    Reason for installation: the idle was erratic with a lot of popping on decel. PCV installation fixed that, and I felt the throttle response was much better also (ya know how things like that creep in without knowing about it, until it's fixed.)

    I guess there's lots of good lifts. I have one, and life is so good with it; like the windshield - why didn't I get one a long time ago. LOL
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    I did the Stage I on my bike with the sole intentions of cooling the bike down a bit and changing the exhaust sound. Used SE air filter and slip ons with the Dobeck TFI. I'm extremely happy with my results and the overall low cost of this set up.

    I've seen a variety of charts and graphs that show a simple Stage I gives you a minimum boost in torque/horsepower. You need cams or additional cubic inches to make a big difference in this area. For me, a stock bike or one with only a Stage I has plenty of passing power - it's called a downshift!!! You can't expect to just roll on the throttle in 6th gear at 2500RPM and just woosh past someone.
  5. Subby

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    I agree with the Dr. A stock bike with a good stage 1 has all the power I need to scare the you know what out of me...the secret is to use the transmission like the factory intended.
  6. RibEye

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    And how is that, if I may presume to ask?

    Rich P
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    Downshift to get the RPM's up when you need additional oomph. Simple as that! Too many people just twist the throttle in 5th or 6th gear loafing along at 2000 to 2300 RPM and then are disappointed in the apparent lack of power their bike has. Nothing $1000 worth of performance upgrades won't fix, right?
  8. nytryder

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    To your other concern I have a Direct lift table and more than satisfied.
  9. gusotto

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    I added the Power Commander to the bike when completely stock and could feel a smoothing out when going through the gears.
    Granted it was small, but I could tell the difference.

    Then when I went with SE mufflers and SE A/C, I could tell a big difference after downloading the proper program for my setup.

    Dyno'ed the bike and have a very smooth reading and I'm very pleased. Almost a straight line readout for the fuel mixture.

    Been on the bike since '07.