Positive psycological effects of riding?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Rabid Ranger, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Rabid Ranger

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    With my new found love of riding, I have found it to be a positive psycological experience. Riding to work I seem to shed the stuff from home and riding home I shed the stuff from work. The latter being the most important. I really have to have a VERY good reason to drive the jeep to work and that is usually only once a week to bring my weeks worth of clean uniforms in. Weather sometimes ruins this but not very often.

    Wife sees the difference and likes it too.

    How bout you?

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  2. RetiredJake

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    A daily ride in the morning enables me to face the day with a smile. Of course, I'm retired, so the smile reaches from ear to ear :)
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    I don't/can't ride to work but I agree about the positive effects of going for a ride at any time. I call it my "two wheel therapy."
  4. Drew

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    I'd say I've always been a pretty happy person by nature... riding makes me a happier person. It's added an element to my life that I never knew was missing.

    My wife definitely notices how happy riding makes me. And now with a little more volume on my bike by adding my 1.75" rush slip-ons... I'm even a little happier :)

    ride safe, and always be diligently aware and cautious!


    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Ahhh...just the short walk to the garage is reason enough for a more positive attitude each day. That ride IS a nice thing to see as well as ride...what is? A cob web doing on the bike!!!??? Better move that bike and get it off...ya gotta do now don't you? Hmmm, maybe 70 mph should do it? Better try it first before I ask Glider! :D
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  6. Fourdogs

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    Honestly...we were raising our grandchildren... when it was time for them to leave...we needed something to fill our emptiness... and waa la enters the Harley! ... and its honestly 53,000 plus mile later...brought the wife and i closer together...and this song i think says it all

    freedom of the Open Road - Yahoo! Search Results...click on the song.. Freedom of the Open Road.
  7. horizonchaser

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    Without a doubt, leaving work with my ride waiting patiently for me in the parking lot, is something that I always look forward to.
    I just wanted to add a useful tip to all of this forums members. I went to Fourdogs music link and it was a great song on Youtube. Did you guys/gals know that you can rip songs from Youtube to MP3 format and then burn them to a disk, or IPod Nano? I LOVE listening to tunes on my Ultra. We've talked about that before on this forum. In a nutshell, if you go to CNet, click on Downloads, find Youtube to MP3 and download that, you have an easy to use way of grabbing your favorite songs on Youtube and adding them to your computers library. I just had to share that with those of us who don't own certain songs that they love but would love to have them. If I can do it, anyone can! :D
  8. The4opps1

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    I have had a few hobbies in my life that provided me with fun and a psychological boost. Motorcycling, scuba diving and bow hunting all seemed to turn my "volume" button down and put me into a greater perspective of life and what's important. Thank God I have the abilities to have done all of these...
  9. 03classic

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    There is a reason you never see a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist office.


    I let my mind wander but it never comes back
  10. fin_676

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    they are catching midgies the more the spiders eat the less that are eating on me