pops and bang 2000-3000 rpm range

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    I got a 2007 flhp103 and when I get though the range 2000 to 3000 r.p.m. it 's want to run like (EDIT) but the rest of the r.p.m. range it's seem normal got around 30'000 mile and I am lost I am a old shovel head rider Thanks

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    Give us some more info on the bike. Is it new to you or have you owned it a while? Did this just start or has it been doing it for sometime? What mods have been done to the bike and has anything been done recently that may be the cause? Does it pop and bang on deceleration, acceleration or steadily cruising along?

    If you have a fueler I would try eliminating that first and see if it goes away.
    The more specific info you can give the easier it will be for the members here to help get you fixed up. And welcome to the forum :D
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    30k miles??...how about simple stuff first, fuel filter been changed yet??