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    My wife's Nightser was due for it's 1K service. She makes the appointment for today. I work out of town so about a week out I call the Service Manager and ask him that in addition to the 1K 1) check the fuel mixture because I thought it was running lean and 2) put Spectro Heavy Duty Primary Chaincase Oil (85W) in the primary and Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum Full Synthetic Transmission/Gear Oil (75w140) in the tranny. (I am not a Sportster person and wrongly assumed that since it was a 1200 Evo that the primary and transmission were separate; the mechanic corrected me today; the Service Manager did not when I called last week.) Yesterday I e-mailed them a reminder. Today my wife takes it in to the shop and the mechanic tells her they don't carry Spectro so they will put Syn3 in the engine and tranny/primary too. She doesn't know any different and agrees. I call them when she tells me what happened and am told that the Service Manager isn't in. I tell the mechanic; who answered the phone that I am miffed because the Service Manager had a week to tell us they didn't carry Spectro and to bring it in ourselves or to tell us why they don't want to or couldn't use it. I then contact their main store and complained as well. About an hour later the mechanic calls me and tells me he will make it good free of charge and where can he buy the Spectro. I tell him I am willing to buy/pay for the Spectro; I don't expect him to (and didn't expect the shop to throw it in for free as part of the 1K). Still haven't heard from the Store Manager or the Service Manager and it sounds as if they wrongly blame the mechanic. My Father was an automotive mechanic; I was brought up with "Customer Satisfaction" and "Quality of Work" instilled. I bought 2 new bikes from them last year and we spend a lot of money at the shop. It was lean and the Mrs. says it does run much better now. Ok, back to my crayons.....
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    All the reason there is a growing group of us that do most if not all the work on our own bikes!! The Factory Service manual for the model and year plus a simple set of basic tools and then YOU know what was done. No checking necessary.

    There is supposed to be a consulting group surveying owners to see what we want for our bikes. If you get tapped, suggest a real commitment to listening to the voice of the customer with some teeth in customer sat surveys. Only thing that will save the MoCo again.

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    Any thoughts/comments on the "FIX My HOG" Maintenence DVDs? I ordered the Softail and Sportster Editions. They also have the service checklists available.
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    The more info you can get on any repair the better off you will be. Sometimes a DVD will show you more than reading a procedure will too.