Political Topic is Gone?

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by CSMHOG, Nov 4, 2008.

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    CSMHOG Member

    What the heck happened to the political topic? A guy says a few things about his Country and direction it could be going and poof ... it's gone. Kind of like we already lost our right to free speech!!
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  2. glider

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    The political section was started on a trial basis as I had posted in that forum.
    Due to the time involved to moderate it properly and the flaming that was starting in that forum, it has been removed.

    There are many political forums on the internet where people can go and discuss their never ending and controversial views on politics and judging from the trial run we had here on HDTalking, the discussions can and did lead to a very heated level which we would rather not have on the forum for obvious reasons.

    When you came here to the forum, you joined a Harley forum to talk Harleys and other similar topics, the political forum was started later on and just didn't prove it's worth on HD Talking.

    Thanks to all.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.