Political Satire and Summation

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    Historically the Republicans take care of the rich, and the Democrats take care of the poor. Hmmmm, who takes care of the middle class ?

    Every class wants this or that, but nobody wants to pay the tax.

    Everyone is throwing blame around for the worlds problems and there is plenty of blame to be exposed, including pulling the shades off our own eyes.

    But I don't expect much anymore so I don't often get let down. Give me a shot of whiskey, a comfortable seat and I could listen to this girl all night long.

    Miranda Lambert, White Liar

    YouTube - Miranda Lambert - White Liar
  2. HDDon

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    We can't get political on our forum but I've said it befor, there are 535 law makers in D.C. and if they wanted to change things, things would be changed.
  3. mat 60

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    I best not say aneything political....But...I like the song and she is very nice to look at..:newsmile092:
  4. ultrat

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    Yep; I like her singing..
  5. sharpscuba

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    Yep she is a great singer and a very good bowhunter. I believe she gets a bigger buck than Blake every year.
  6. R_W_B

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    Whoa I did not know that about her. Hats off to Blake he's got one heck of a woman.

    By the way the political lead in was meant to be purely satirical to set the stage for good ways to pass the time in bad times. I think nowadays it's best to keep politics in a category like that since things are so complicated we would have trouble fixing it in any case.

    If you want to know specifically what I'm talking about then just do a google search for a itemized breakdown of the National Budget. You may be surprised where all the money is going and how we can keep it paid for. Here is a hint, it ain't foreign aid, it ain't 'just' the new health care, and it ain't the congress salary.

    But - PLEASE - I don't want to start a discussion on it, enjoy the song while you relax in the evenings and watch the so called news, and check the google searches out for you own enlightenment. And as always keep our heads into the wind and our hearts strong. Later........Dave
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    She's got great hair.