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  1. Rhys

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    I moved to the bagger world. I got a 2007 FLHP Roadking Police with the 103 motor and 6 speed trans. I have two questions. I want to put 16 inch ape hangers and new controls, the police controlls have all the siren switches on them so I dont know what to buy when I look at controls-wires extencions, cabels and all that goes on the bars. I would like a more normal looking control handel bar setup. So is it all the same, or do I need special stuff. Also the bike has abs, but Im not crazy about it. Can I get new bake lines and bypass the abs system, or is it wired into the bikes computer.

  2. gusotto

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    Can't help with the control switches but adding ABS is almost impossible so I'd guess that removing ABS would be the same.... impossible.
    A lot of computer controlled with ABS stuff.
  3. Rydit

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    dont worry about the red switches on your controls. you can get normal controls and just eliminate the wires you dont need behind the headlight bucket. I did it when i put apes on my flhp. get a service manual, it'll answer alot of questions....and check under your seat. sometimes when they eliminate the rear siren and such, they dont do the neatest job chopping the wires.
  4. Jeff Klarich

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    I think your going to have computer issues if you start tampering with the ABS.
  5. dbmg

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    The easiest way to disable ABS is to install non ABS wheel bearings. Though you will a ABS fault light on speedo....
  6. Rhys

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    :bigsmiley30: I would like to order a set of apes that are on the net, that have the controls already mounted. but I was unshure about the wires, Im afaid that if I do so ill end up with a short or something. Do I get a Shop Manual for a regular roadking or do they have one for police bikes? DO you know of a good deal on apes with all the controlls, wires, cables ect...
  7. Rhys

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    I was wanting to install a set of aftermarket rims on the bike. the rear is the same but the front is a 21 inch. Was told that the wheels will show differnt speeds when trying to stop- mainly the front 21 inch, and it could cause a system fault light or cause a unsafe ride when braking, causing the front abs to kick in and out. I didnt know if the abs was on a differnt computer or on the delfi computer.
  8. Rhys

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    Where can I get a manual, and wich manual is the most informivetive and has the best information?:newsmile105:
  9. Bodeen

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    The HD shop. The Harley manual is worth every penny.
  10. brownfoxx1

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    if you have TBW then i don't think you can get the TBW extension thru the 90 degree bend in the handlebrs.i'm doing 10" paul yippes bagger bars & the bend with a demple in it is where i had to use a small screwdriver to push the TBW ext. connection past that point. would 2" bars be good for you?
    just thinking. & hope his helps. & you might change the risers to polyurathane ones Dealer had them on the wall
    .also i cut off the allen wrench about 1/4" on the short end and that was good enough to remove the tranny lower 2 bolts.