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    We went on a poker run over the weekend. It was around 100 mi. We only had 4 stops with a big party at the end. :D I couldnt believe all the bikes. Most of the rides were Harleys. Seen some awesome paint jobs. I think next time I will take my camera. At one stop they took a pic of our group and are gonna post it on their website. This was the first poker run Ive been on since my accident. I was ridin with hubby. Im not comfortable riding with that many bikes. We had 11 in our group. OMG the next day I was stiff. I felt like I got beat up!!:newsmile100: Anyway, we all had a blast. I guess there was at least 300 bikes and over 400 riders. The charity was for the Homeless in our county. We didnt stay long at the after party. We figured once it got dark that the cops would be sitting out along the road. The party was right outside of town. I guess they had some complaints from neighbors right after we left but they had all their permits. Sorry to write a book but wanted to tell you about our ride. Thanks for listening.
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    good to see ya back on the Bike!! Be careful out there