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    Just installed xIEDs and an oil temp gauge. Oil temp is running around 240 while the outside temp is around 70..dont know it that is good or bad. anyway, my question, I have heard heat is not so much the culprit as something called "detonation" that I should be able to hear.Well I have heard my bike "pop" occasionally but nothing that ever concerned me. anyway, I pulled my plugs today and checked them..the rear one was dry and slightly white, but pretty smooth. the front one had a little moisture (gas, oil???) on it and was white as well although the front had a thicker coating of the white then the rear did. Anything on the plugs indicate detonation.??
    2008 Electra Glide Classic
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    Transfer of metal from the internal engine parts on the plugs would indicate detonation, also a sound from the engine that may sound like marbles in the cylinders.
    Detonation is the premature burning of the fuel-air mixture in your combustion chamber. Usually it’s caused when the spark from the spark plug creates an incomplete “flame” from the fuel-air mixture during the combustion cycle.

    The white is pretty much normal for the lean mixtures.
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    Glider,as usual, thanx for your reply. by the way, in addition to the oil temp gauge I installed last week..I also installed a set of xIEDs on my bike. trying to get her to run a little cooler. the Xieds definately make her run smoother and more power throughout. dont seem to cool the engine any though. gonna check the oil temp in the summer and possible install a Jagg 10 row......:)

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    Probably a good idea, as summer heat in the 90's would probably proportionately raise the temp by 20...winter is probably a good time to install the Jagg anyway...:coffee