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Discussion in 'Oil' started by housey, May 12, 2012.

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    Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the flush mount allen plug that is located next to the oil drain plug on a 2007 Street Glide. Let's just say it was removed in addition to the oil drain plug! What does it drain and do I need to refill something else other than the oil reservoir????
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    It's a tapered ppe plug...inspection hole. Normally most riders install oil temp sensor in this hole so might be great time to add this option (pitch the air temp gauge). Need to put some locktite on this plug, if you re-install.
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    Also, when you reinstall it, this is the plug you need to be very careful you don't over tighten or you can crack your case and pretty much ruin your engine. I don't think the service manual gives a torque value because Harley doesn't want you to remove it. Just snug it up normally and watch for leaks the first couple rides.

    I've had this plug out several times using the Scavenger oil change system so I know it can be removed and replaced with no problems.
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    To add to what the good Dr. said, and I have used the Scavanger oil system a few times now as well. There is a torque value in the service manual and it is under the section for the oil pan. Sorry I do not have my service manual handy or I would give you the torque, I am on travel.

    Hope this helps at least were to find it.
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    I use the Scavenger oil change product for my Roadking, the allen plug torque the directions say 20-24 ft/# max.

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    MY thinking on the Plug YOU pulled.......

    The one right next to the Oil Drain nutted plug is another plug (allen internal) that will do the same thing, DRAIN the oil... Not meant for that though. It is the spot to put a oil temp gauge in.

    The OTHER (allen headed) I think the Dr. is mentioning, is Under the motor and Drains the Sump area, and like DR. said,,, CAREFULLY used when changing out all the oil in the system... OR,
    check IF engine is sumping (not needed to do UNLESS you suspect a problem in sumping):bigsmiley23:

    You DO need to be careful Installiing ANY of the plugs in a HD,,,, Stripping out a Plug is easy to do and cross threading a Devils Bonus...:devil


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    The above in red May be WRONG so disregard that statement BUT careful.....
    I have never used the mentioned scavvaging system to change out my oil.:small3d002:

    That Plug WAS used to check for engine sump oil amount though.
    (bottom of motor below the crank and cam area)

    My 09 FLHR is running good and when I checked the amount of oil in the sump/crank area, it was less than 2 oz.

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    I am gonna weigh in here since I think there is some confusion about the pipe plugs being discussed. On the engine oil pan that is actually attached to the tranny on the baggers, there is the oil drain plug and the tranny lube drain plug (same type plug on my bike) which are used for regular fluid changes. These are a nutted plug (5/8" in my case) with magnets and orings to seal the plugs. Also on the FRONT of the oil pan is a pipe plug. As mentioned above, lots of us use this hole to locate our oil temperature sending unit.

    ON THE BOTTOM OF THE ENGINE CASE IS ANOTHER PIPE PLUG. EXTREME CARE SHOULD BE USED IN MESSING WITH THIS PLUG. The hole is used in the manufacturing process for the case, and is NOT intended for regular use.

    The scavenger systems use a number of different configurations depending on the bike model. But NONE require removing the pipe plug from the bottom of the engine case. See here:

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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Thanks TQ1,,,

    That is A Plain, Precise, Accurate Post and understood easily..:D