Planning a riding trip to Northeastern Seaboard

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    Looking for anyone who has been to the Eastern Seaboard such as Maine,New Hampshire ect. Coming from Michigan. Looking for the best and scenic route also the must do's and don'ts, Good resturant and hotels and attractions, always watching $$$ so the best for the least is good.

    Thanks All
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    If you go up through Buffalo NY and catch 20 across (goes alonge the interstate but is a state road) Take that into Syracyse and hit Dinosaur BBQ great little joing but plan on waiting about an hour for a table. Always a bunch of bikes and cars around never ran into any trouble there. To up from there through the Watertown and take 3 through the Adirondacks. There are some other ways thourgh there and everything is a fun little road you can swing through Lake Placid Pretty touristy but a very pretty place. Work you way up to 11 and cross over into Vermont, It changes to to 2. This takes you across the north end of Lake Champlain. From there you can weave through New Hampshire and into Maine. Bar Harbor is a great trip again pretty toursty but hit the park Cadalic Mountain is neat. Avoid Boston they don't like motorcycles there. If you get down to Portsmouth newhampshire way swing by Lindt Chocolate store It is a little south (I think) of Protsmouth lots of tasty things there and there used to be a couple of Smart Cars that Corporate sent over from Sweeden made up like bunnies.