planning a fly and ride from missoula to Banff

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by fatboy14, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. fatboy14

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    Working out a trip (fly and ride) in july leaving from missoula, Mt to banff, Canada. Anyone out there make this trip? Got any suggestions on route, stops, places to stay etc? I would appreciate any help.
  2. recharge

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    Fatboy you driving back to Missoula. I live east of Banff 200 miles
  3. joel

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    This is a good route to take. From Missoula I90 west a short distance to 93 north [27 miles] to Ravilli, west on 200 this will take you through Lolo
    Nat. Forest, Thompson Falls to 56 north [110 miles] Be on the watch for Ross Creak Scenic Area, you will turn on a National Park road that will take you up to the GIANT CEDARS. this is a winding road and when you get to the top it narrows down to 1 lane for about 1/2 mile and into the park, walk around, check out these MONSTERS. there is a path way that brings you full circle back to the parking lot. On the way back down the mountain be ready to stop for more pictures. Once back to 56 turn left [north] to hi-way 2 turn right [east] to Libby [15 miles] and north on 37 towards Lake Koocanusa. Follow the east side of the lake [62 miles] to 93 turn left [n] to the boarder [6 miles] on to Elko [24 miles] Follow the hi-way N.W towards Cranbrook [36 miles] continue north [83 miles] to Radium Hot Springs [64 miles] turn right towards Baniff [15 miles] on hi-way 1. hope this helps. Ride safe
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    All I can say is LUCKY you. I have taken the trip through Galcier park. I hear Banff is even better. Enjoy yourself and prepare for a lifetime memory. I am jealous!:D