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  1. I was looking at another pipe set up on my sporty ...... V&H Short shots and was told it would cause me valve trouble down the road . is this true or another misleading myth ? i have a 03 1200 . i know ill lose some back presure going to a more free flowing pipe . and i like the sound of them , what are the pros and cons to a set up like this ? im running Screaming Eagle II slip on and SE stage II air filter at this time ....... thanks for the help !!!!!!

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    As Smitty says, slip-ons are easy, and offer the best perfornance and sound for the money. I think the valve problems are rumor mill stuff. But if you change pipes, you may lose torque or performance unless they are tuned for your bike. The shorts lose torque and power because they do not "scavenge" well do to their short length, but they look and sound great, loud and you will see a little flame now and then (kinda adds to eh...flash appeal). :D

    Check out the self help tab near the top of the page for pipes comparisons of many brands. Here is a little Vance and Hines primer to get you started:

    Vance & Hines: Performance Exhaust Systems
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    do we need to worry about the popping?