Picking up new bike Friday

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Trek, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Well if all goes well and the weather cooperates I should be riding my new ultra home Friday.:bigsmiley8: Last question I think. :) I'm good with the brake in procedure, I actually drove the way I'm going to bring it home to make sure there wasn't any major road construction and that all looks good. It will take me about 8 miles through town before I can get to a long stretch of two lane to grab 3rd gear and do the 30 to 60 to 30 again ten times to seat the rings. My question is after I do that I'll have another 30 miles before I get home with a 55 mile an hour speed limit, should I just vary my speed up and down, cruise at one speed for awhile then change it or what? I guess I'm asking what does "vary your speed on the parkway" mean. Ok one more question for now... I haven't read it yet obviously because I don't have it but the salesman said something about the first 50 miles keeping your rpm's under a certain rpm then up to 500 miles don't go over whatever rpm, how "easy" do I need to take it after I seat the rings and for how long or if at all? I just want to make sure I do this right. I am planning on changing the oil and filter after a 100 miles. Whew. Thanks everyone!!
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    Do your 30-60 and after that just ride it. Just try not to hold one speed like 60 the rest of the way home.
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    enjoy it trek .
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    Im no expert at all believe me but I have had my 07 street glide and a couple other nice bikes and my father told me to ride them like you want to ride them in the future meaning you dont have to baby them like everyone says. Because my father always said that before they leave the factory some guys job on a dyno or something similar is to go through all the gears and make sure there are no flaws so your bike has already seen 60+ before you ever hop on it just my opinion and my thinking like I said I could be way wrong but hey it aint the first or last.
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    Congrats on the new ride! Enjoy
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    Congrats on the New Bike. You will want to vary your speed for the First 500
    miles while breaking it in and seating the rings, I would ride different roads where the speed limit changes. HD recommends no more than 60mph for the first 500.
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    Yea, I remember when I picked up my first new HD what a great feeling. An 03 FLHT I still have it. Congrats on your new one and enjoy the feeling....
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    Congrats.... Enjoy the ride, after your 30 60 30 just ride it like you own it.
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    Trek - I just finished the break-in on my 09 Ultra. Was given lots of advice, mostly "break it in like you plan to ride it" as others have said. I'm an engineer by trade, and my view is that its not the speed that's important, but the engine RPM. You can potentially ride the same speed in different gears and still be working your motor thru different RPM ranges and loads for a good break-in. Would also make sure you don't "bog" the engine below 2000 RPM. Its easy to do in 6th gear if you don't get up over 60 mph. Again, believe its all about the RPM and how much load you put on the motor. Cruising is less load than acceleration. You need a little of both. Enjoy, my Ultra is just an incredibly smooth ride!
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    Congratulations. Drive safely