Physical connection location of horn ground wire

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Butch, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Butch

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    I've developed a bad ground on my 99 ulta's horn (showed up with a voltage drop test and confirmed it when I bypassed the OEM ground wire and the horn worked).

    The manual's wiring diagram just shows the horn going to ground. Anybody know the physical location on the bike that the horn ground wire connects?

    I can see the wire disappearing under the gas tank appearing to head toward the harness on the right side, and a cursory look by the harness produced a loose ground connection at the frame on the that side near the neck, but that wasn't it...whatever that was for has a good ground now :D
    The diagram doesn't show it going to any connectors but who knows... Thought I'd ask here before I start searching it out further.
  2. Hoople

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    For 2009 my schematics will show a device like a horn with the wire just grounded like you say. But at the bottom of the schematic there is also a legend that will show what grounds go to which ring terminal and the bolt location on frame. That info may be on a different page. Worth a look.
  3. glider

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    Check and see if it continues up to the horn button. It's the ground side of the horn with no relays in it. The horn has hot and ground wires on it. Maybe a problem where it goes in the harness around the neck from constant movement.
  4. Chopper

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    On a 99 I think the ground for the horn hooks to one of the top engine mount bolts if I remember right? If one of the bolts are loose it could cause a bad ground, might be worth checking.
  5. Butch

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    That was the ticket Chopper. Right on top where you thought it was (never noticed it before). Was a loose bolt - all tight, all good! Gonna have to start checking those mount bolts every oil change instead of every 10k

    Thanks everybody for the assist! :worthy