Phoenix to Ruidoso

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    Had a three day trip this past week, meeting in Ruidoso, NM, my friend Dave who was riding cross country.

    First day was NE on Hwy 60 through Globe, Showlow, Springerville, and Socorro, NM. The highway passes through the VLA radio telescope site (photo and the movie, Contact). Overcast through to Socorro, then rain into Ruidoso. Many motels and restaurants to choose from.

    Next day, rode up to the overlook near their ski area (photos). They have had recent fires but the undergrowth at least shows signs of coming back. From there we rode to Ft. Stanton which has been an active installation since before the civil war, the town of Lincoln made famous by Billy the Kid, then SW through Alamogordo and the white sands. Intended to ride through Cloudcroft but the area appeared to be in rain.

    Late in the day we turned off the interstate and rode through Hatch, the chili capital, on Hwy 26 to Hwy 27, a tagged scenic byway. Not a sign or guardrail to spoil the view (photos). Caught Hwy 152 over the Mimbres Mts on a seriously twisty road that was still wet from the afternoon rains. Need to return in the daylight and ride this one again, plus heard later there is a fantastic cafe in Kingston.

    Stayed overnight in Silver City then headed NE to Hwy 78 through Mule Creek and over another set of twisty mountain roads into Arizona. From there, a mostly straight shot home.

    Will take this route again, but in reverse order and in daylight. Ruidoso has a motorcycle rally in September each year, might be worth the ride.

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  2. hogrotten

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    Sounds like a good time, I've been across US60 from Socorro to springerville in a big truck and it is a nice drive. Thanx for sharing the pics. :bigsmiley23:
  3. lorne

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    thanks for sharing nice photos...looks like a great ride and a good time
  4. DakotaRob

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    Beautiful photos, looks like a great ride!
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Great pics, I like the red sky at night :s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Nice STUFF.. Excellent photos.. I really like the under the tree-arm holding the Moon... You could probably sell that one.:s

    Wife and I were in springer monday last week 10/1 ... then in cotton for 3 days doing day trips out... Bet we were close at one point.... I waved at all the bikes..:D

    I did the early Ruidoso rally this year and Not many bikes... IF you wanted a lot of bikes, come to the Fall rally. It's a lot bigger (Ive been told)...

    Whispering Pines Cabins (Juniper) a great little cabin and Not a lot of $$ for the privacy and close to the rally off the main street.... All paved to and from just a little light gravel to the cabin (75 feet most):D

    You might want to check it out.. Just as it Looks in the on-line brochure...

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    One of the few times I didn't have a m/c was when I was stationed in NM (Clovis/Cannon AFB) because I was a young/broke to the USAF. Took a few trips through Ruidoso (family & skiing) and it was beautiful. Might have to head South sometime again on 2-wheels. Pics are awesome - thks for sharing.