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    I received an email today stating a problem with a m/c group in Oklahoma and the Patriot Guard. Anyone else hear this? What's going on?
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    Was the OK. PGR back patch a 1 piece or 3.

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    Ok i Don't know what m/c group means? Can anybody help me. My husband and i also go the same e-mail.
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    Motorcycle Club
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    The patch is a one piece, it looks like a larger version of their window decal. PGR states they want no rockers worn above or below it. Their website states, "It is recommended that you check with your State Captain for approval from the local COC before sewing this patch on a jacket or vest."

    PGR states that they are not a club and that they want to stay within the traditions of the Confederation of Clubs.
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    I have been part of the PGR for several years now and this has been an on-going debate within the group. Some riders want to predominantly display the PGR emblem as a matter of pride and honor for the purpose that PGR serves. No better way than to have a huge back patch - right? Others see the conflict with the MC Clubs and do not want to create issues.

    With an organization as big as the PGR, it is inevitable to have disagreement.
    Both sides of the fence have valid arguments, but I think the board has the more valid point in regards to back patches and not conflicting with the MC Clubs.
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    It is my understanding that there were cases of people wearing state rockers under the PGR patch in such a fashion that it appeared to look like a motorcycle club patch. Like, and not to upset anyone with the names of the clubs just trying to clarify the type of club as apposed to Hells Angles or Mongols or myraids of others. I'm not talking about these clubs, just using the names to clarify the type of M/C motorcycle club. Well it seems a member of an unamed M/C saw this type of display and did not like it. There have been similar incidents with the wearing of hog patches and such also.
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    But still for a M/C to feel threatened by any wearing of a PGR patch, no matter the positioning is just plain, Well I dont know what the word is. These people are there for a good reason. They are there to honor the fallen who have earned these M/C's the right to wear their patches in the first place. I cant see any club with any integrity having a problem with that. I realy dont think they are wearing it that way to upset anyone. I think they are just proud of what they are doing. I think they should be proud. Like it has been said in this forum befor, They make a big deal over recording artists and movie stars and not enough for our boys fighting for our freedom.