Patriot Guard in Arizona

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    About three months ago I had the unfortunate privilege of attending the funeral of a Soldier killed in Iraq. On my way to my office, I was stopped at a red light here in Tucson as the Patriot Guard Riders were escorting the casket from the Air Force Base to the funeral home. It was a very somber event to witness. The next day at the funeral, about 150 Riders showed up to pay tribute. They had lined the path from the hearse to the gravesite with Riders holding flags so that the casket was carried beneath the flags. As I stood nearby in my dress uniform, I couldn't help but be thankful that a group of people who probably did not know the deceased would turn out in support for something that just isn't popular. I guess my point is a simple thank you to all riders in the Patriot Guard who perform such activities. Most there were veterans from one branch or another. It is great to see such loyalty. :42::42:
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    It was hard to hold my tears on every mission that I attended.

    PA PGR.