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    My mother-in-law just died and in preparing for her funeral a riding buddy volunteered to call the Patriot Guards. As Marion had been one of the first WAVES in WWII we agreed, although not knowing what to expect.

    Her service was planned for the gravesite, and when the family arrived at the cemetery there were eight bikes and a support van parked and waiting. After introductions, we were invited by the riders to join them in a circle to share in singing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA,” played from a bike’s stereo.

    Two of the Guards left for the mortuary while the others formed a semi-circle around the gravesite, not so close as to be intrusive but close enough to be a part, each with an American flag, and open to where we would bring her coffin. The two then returned, flags flying, with the hearse. We proceeded with her service, with the naval reserve presenting an American flag to the family and playing taps.

    At the end of the service the Guard unobtrusively withdrew. Their courtesy and care for one of our military, regardless of how long ago she served, was beyond impressive. Their support added so much to the closure of a long and fulfilled life.

    We shared a poster with photos from her time along with her yeoman’s jacket a reserve member suggested we donate to a navy museum. Just for the record, she met Lee who had been at Pearl Harbor and in the Pacific for the first year of the war when he was transiting through her assigned area (Columbia University) on his way to officer training. They were soon married and Marion was honorably discharged for pregnancy. My future wife was born in the Chelsea Naval Hospital.
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    Very cool.

    Sorry for your and your wife's loss.
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    They are a great bunch of guys and gals, there service to the military, current and former is something to be proud of. Sorry for your loss.
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    Proud to hear of your story, but sad to hear of your loss. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to riding together again!