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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by sampson80, Apr 30, 2011.

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    I have a question about the proper way for the passenger to mount. Is there a proper way for the most stability? Here is how I have my girlfriend mount my Heritage now: I mount, start the bike, and stand holding the bike as steady as possible while holding in the front brake as she steps on the passenger foot pegs and mounts. Then I sit, and go.. Is there a proper way to do this?
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    For most bikes, the safer way for the passenger to mount is from the left side since the pipes are on the right. This is not true for the baggers, so mounting from either side needs consideration for hot pipes. However, I think it is good practice for passengers to mount from the left so that good habits are formed.

    I agree getting the bike on its feet and stable with the passenger pegs down, tranny in neutral, clutch pulled in and front brake applied - THEN the rider invites the passenger to get on. Passenger should wait for the invitation.


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    Agree with TQ regarding passenger mounting on left, but I like to have the bike in gear, clutch and front brake levers depressed and the passenger taps my shoulder if they are ready to board or get off. This is so the jiffy stand does not get "trapped", the bike does not have to be rocked to the right with the passenger and fully ladened bike to be dealt with, especially if the ground is not level, as the additional weight compresses the suspension making it more difficult to get under way without drama.
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    I second this motion !!!
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    I agree except i don't put it in gear untill the passenger is on then we go
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    You're doing fine and I agree with most posters so far. I get on the bike, raise the jiffy stand, start the motor, tranny in neutral, front brake squeezed, then I stand up so my legs are at their strongest and squeeze the bike between my thighs while holding the handlebars extra firmly. Only then do I look over at my wife and say, "OK." This is her signal that I'm ready and she can mount the bike in any manner that suits her - the bike isn't going to budge. Once she gets situated, she taps me on the shoulder and also says, "OK" and this is my signal that she's ready and I can put the bike in gear and get under way.
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    One time my wife went to mount on the rear of my BMW R100RT i was on the bike holding it upright she stood too far back from the bike and pulled me and the bike over
    She has lost a good bit of weight since then and now rides her own bike
    so ensure passenger is close to the bike and their weight is going straigt down on the rear peg

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    When I have both backrests on bike (rider & passenger) it's hard to passenger mount when I'm already on bike. I usually stand on Left (low/jiffy stand) side & have passenger mount first (also on Left/low side). Like smitty said - impossible to dump bike on stand. This way I can lend a hand too, if needed.

    Don't really think there's a wrong/right method - as long as it works for you.
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    Smitty, I think that is a great idea. A video showing different techniques that doesn't hurt the bike and is safe would benefit everyone. Looking forward to it.
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    I read all of these, just to educate myself. My wife and I do pretty much like most of the posts, except I don't start the engine until she is on and ready, I mount first and don't stand, but sit on the seat.

    She has Multiple Sclerosis and suffers from some loss of strength and coordination so it takes her a bit longer than the normal person to mount.

    I basically get the bike straight up, brace myself with my feet and both hands on the bars. She then steps onto the passenger peg, while grabbing my shoulder and the sissy bar pad at the same time, and gets on.

    I think I might try her getting on while the kick stand is still down though just to see how it works. The only drawback would be we have a dirt sand driveway and as she pulled on me and the sissy bar, the kick stand is going try to dig deeper into the sand mix. But maybe if I got it on a patch of grass.

    Anyhow these were educational to read.